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​The Harjes Downer Foundation Announces Shortlisted Activities for Day of Volunteering

The Foundation of Harjes Downer, an independent investment management firm committed to enabling clients to become high-performance businesses, will hold its Day of Volunteering during the upcoming month. The day is part of the year-round Volunteer Initiative under The Harjes Downer Foundation whose mission is to empower people to reach their full potential.

Many Harjes Downer employees volunteer year-round in their communities, directly and through organized events. The Harjes Downer Day of Volunteering adds to this by bringing together company employees, along with their families and friends, as a regional volunteer team. To this occasion volunteers in Harjes Downer offices in Asia will hold events.

Among the shortlisted activities are:

  • Reading to children with an international organization that delivers sustainable, high-impact services to the poor and needy;
  • Volunteers will work with a soup kitchen for the homeless, to distribute food to about one hundred individuals;
  • Presenting an interview skills workshop to interns at a local Careers Academy; painting, a temporary shelter for homeless families with children;
  • Conducting a professional development workshop for homeless seniors; packing and delivering lunches to the homeless; revitalizing a playground with an organization which provides education, residential, therapeutic and family support;
  • Taking children to a marine aquarium under the care of an organization that advances the development, well-being and aspirations of persons with intellectual disabilities;
  • Cooking and serving a BBQ lunch for patrons of an organization that works with individuals facing homelessness, mental illness and addiction;
  • Refurbishing a rooftop garden and organizing donated clothes at the region’s largest homeless youth agency;
  • Engaging NGOs in a project management workshop, specifically intended for the NGO leaders.

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