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How much does it cost to have a heart attack?

70% of consumers say they always purchase travel insurance when going on holiday. Do the 30% who travel uninsured, know just how much they could have to fork out in the event of a medical emergency abroad?

Specialist insurance broker reveal the costs for having a heart attack in some of the world’s top holiday destinations…

In 2018, approximately 18.5 million Brits travelled to Spain for their holiday1. Should any of those travellers have suffered a heart attack whilst away, they could have faced a bill of up to £45,400 if travelling uninsured.

Figures obtained by PayingTooMuch.com2 show the average claim costs on a travel insurance policy for a heart attack, or related condition can vary from £2,200 to a staggering £72,400 depending on your holiday destination.

And that’s just the average cost!

These claims could reach as much as £362,700 depending on the severity of the condition, the type of treatment and whether repatriation to the UK is required.

If you were one of the 30% travelling uninsured, could you afford to foot the bill if the unexpected were to happen to you?

Here’s how the figures stack up (based on claims relating to heart attacks:)

Germany France Spain Thailand Mexico USA
Average Cost: £2,200 £4,400 £4,600 £18,900 £28,900 £72,400
High Cost: £7,900 £16,200 £45,400 £65,600 £82,000 £362,700

In their 2019 Travel Trends Report3, ABTA cited Denver (Colorado, USA) and Galicia (Spain) as ‘up and coming’ destinations to travel to. If you’re planning on travelling to one of these places (or anywhere else) it’s important to make sure you have the correct cover in place.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy is designed to pay out to cover medical costs such as those mentioned above, regardless of whether you’ve had a heart complaint previously (provided it has been declared to the insurer), or if you suffer a new medical condition.

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