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Innovate UK Fund Remedy Health and FabRX to 3D Print Personalised Medicine!

Award-winning 3D printing tech start-up, Remedy Health, and pharma-tech pioneering experts, FabRx, will work together to turn their dream of personalised 3D printed medicine into a reality on the back of grant funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. The ground-breaking project will be working to revolutionise the future of medicine and make crucial advancements for the medical field for the UK.

A major limitation of medicines today is that they are only manufactured in a limited number of specific strengths and sizes which can lead to inaccurate dosing and care for patients. This is especially common in children as the current medication sets available are not easily adaptable or “fit for purpose” for their size and conditions. In addition, patients with certain conditions also can suffer from significant problems swallowing large tablets.

This new development in 3D printed medicine will seek to resolve these issues as dosing can be much more accurately controlled and each batch of medication can be made on demand specifically for each individual patient and their needs. 3D printing technology can make it possible for each patients consumable to have extremely precise dosages and even holds the future possibility for medications to be combined and make regimes of care easier for both doctors and patients to adhered to, thus resulting in faster recovery times and higher quality of life.

The new concept medications will also have the option to come in personalised flavours and shapes to add more enjoyment to the process and encourage young children to take their medications more easily and regularly. Remedy Health and FabRx will use a patented soft vegan gummy gel formula to encapsulate the medications and 3D print their ‘printlets’, which will make it much easier and more pleasant for patients of all ages.
Dr Alvaro Goyanes, Director of Development for FabRx said, ‘Having pioneered the concept of 3D printing of oral pharmaceutical products, FabRx is delighted to partner with Remedy Health in the development of a unique and truly innovative system specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The system will allow manufacture of bespoke medications with unique properties, better designed to meet the needs of patients.’

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