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Nicola Priestley has ditched a high flying career in law to bounce around the world

Nicola Priestley has ditched a high flying career in law to bounce around the world – after swapping her desk for a trampoline.

In a move which has seen her halve her working hours and double her income by becoming a Boogie Bounce instructor – Nicola couldn’t be happier.

For as long as she could remember, her ambition was to become a lawyer. However, Nicola, now 25, of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, quickly discovered that the reality didn’t quite match the dream…

Not only did she hate sitting in an office day in, day out – but the talented dancer also missed the joy, exhilaration and rush of ‘happy hormones’ that an active lifestyle had always given her. “I felt like I’d lost a part of myself,” she says.

The final straw came when she was refused time off for a Christmas trip to New York in 2015.

“It suddenly struck me that life was too short to be stuck at a desk sorting out boundary disputes,” she says. “There was a big world out there and I wanted to see it.”

After booking her flights she promptly handed in her resignation. “I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders,” she recalls.

Returning from her trip to the Big Apple, Nicola set to work creating her new career.

Two years on, she has halved her working hours, more than doubled her income, and has just returned from her eighth holiday in 12 months.

The secret? Boogie Bounce – an exercise class that involves bouncing to music on a mini trampoline. “I absolutely adore teaching people to bounce – and never think of it as work,” she says. “Because there is no stress on the body anyone can do it; it boosts mood and metabolism and transforms lives.”

Nicola’s love for dance and fitness came about almost by accident: “I was 13 when I enrolled in a weekly street dance class – so was quite a late starter.

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