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Spitting Image is making a comeback With AI Puppet Robots

Robots Of London, a UK based robotics Company, better known for its expertise in developing software solutions for humanoid robots has been successful in securing the Trademark for Spitting Image with a view to launching a YouTube channel to show off its new breed of Spitting Image AI Puppets.

The Spitting Image division of the business has already created several autonomous speaking AI puppets including reinventions of the Queen, Sir Alan Sugar and Lewis Hamilton and Jeremy Corbyn, amongst others and the Company is keen to embark on a new path to use both AI, animatronics and political issues to show off its latest creations.

Adam Kushner, Founder of the business said “Artificially intelligent puppets are currently being used by Companies at exhibitions and trade shows who wish to attract people on to their stand. Our puppets attract attention and with the use of our chat software, visitors to these stands are able to chat with the puppets and gain valuable information about the products and services that are offered. The idea of Spitting Image materialised when we were asked to recreate the CEO of a Company in order that he could deliver a keynote speech at a conference, as the real CEO was unable to attend in person. Subsequently, we recreated several well known characters and Spitting Image was reborn”

The Spitting Image puppets are sold and hired out for events from an existing inventory, but any bespoke character can be recreated within a few weeks.

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