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What Most Women Will Do During The World Cup

New research has been looking on how women are likely to respond to the lack of attentions that many men will give them during a month-long World Cup. Surprisingly enough a very high percentage of women are planning some sort of revenge either by going on a shopping spree or by seeking attentions elsewhere.

The World Cup is coming up and it is going to be on for a long month with 64 games, 96 hours of football not even including extra times. Most men will be completely taken by the tournament and attentions to the others halves are likely to drop significantly. New research has been looking at how women are likely to respond to this treat and how they are planning to spend all this free time alone.

The team at conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into British attitudes towards gambling in top sporting events. 2,822 British women were quizzed about how they are planning to spend their free time while their partners are watching football. Only 9% of all respondents said that they will also get involved while an astonishing 16% said they were going to ‘seek attentions elsewhere’.

Initially, all respondents were asked ‘How are you planning to spend time while your partner will watch the World Cup this summer?’ to which the most popular answers were ‘spend quality time with girlfriends (18%), ‘seeking attentions elsewhere’ (16%); shopping (14%), ‘watching movies’ (12%), ‘social media’ (7%) and ‘gambling online’ (4%); ‘watching football as well’ (9%) came in only at fifth most popular. When asked why they were so keen to ‘seek attentions elsewhere’, respondents cited reasons such as ‘Revenge for being ignored’ (27%) and ‘great opportunity to look at what is out there’ (24%).

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