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Women in Film & TV shine in inaugural Britflix Power 100 list

Women working in UK’s film and tv industry have shined in the inaugural Britflix Power 100 list.

The list compiled by film news site Britflix in partnership with UK Power 100 aims to celebrate the most influential figures on the independent film scene.

Film producer and agent Kate Buckley joined actress Sheridan Smith who made the top 5 in the list, whilst leading casting director Nina Gold made the list at number 23.

Elsewhere producer Sam Tromans and former Eastenders actress Rita Simons made the list at number’s 33 and 34 respecatively.

Financier Kirsty Bell of Goldfinch studios welcomed her nod tweeting “Came as a complete surprise but a lovely one”.

Film director Jane Gull made the list at number 75 and independent film producer Lucinda Rhodes also welcomed a nod at number 55.

You can view the full Britflix Power 100 list here:

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